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Baratine 0.9

Baratine 0.9.1 - 2015-06-01

Changed JAMP error payload to be a single object.

Baratine 0.9.0 - 2015-05-21

@SessionService replaced by session:

Session services are now identified by the “session:” scheme instead of a separate annotation. As before, a new session service is created for each session.

@SessionId added; replaces URL pattern

For sessions that need the session id, the new annotation @SessionId replaces the old {id} url pattern. The URL pattern is now removed.

Single-page application support with static resources

Static resources like .html and .js pages can now be bundled in a .bar file. The default location is the web/ directory in the .bar.

Baratine javascript library

The Baratine javascript library for JAMP has been simplified and improved.

StreamBuilder in Store/Database find()

The Store and Database now have a find method with a StreamBuilder to enabled map/reduce queries across the pod.

REST result changes

The return syntax for a pure REST call now uses a JSON object with a “status” and a “value” field:

{"status" : "ok", "value" : "hello"}

jamp-rpc performance enhancements

Improved performance of the x-application/jamp-rpc HTTP interface. In many cases, jamp-rpc will be the most efficient interface, particularly for clients like PHP applications that do not use long-lived websocket connections.

Lucene Example

An Lucene example using Baratine is now available. It is similar in concept to Solr, using Baratine to expose an existing service as REST/WebSocket.

See Lucene Plugin.

Redis clone example

An implementation of a Redis clone is available as an example of using Baratine to create high-performance services. The basic functionality of Redis is available. The protocol, however, is JAMP/Baratine not the Redis protocol.

See Redis clone.

Auction example

The auction example has been extended and now includes a single-page application and the new baratine javascript library.

See Auction

  • Removed login concept (replaced by sessions)
  • Result.fork/join updates
  • Added @SessionId
  • Added debug-query-timeout to pod configuration
  • Added web to pod configuration for static resources
  • Added debug to pod configuration for tracing
  • Added TraceAmp for integration with debugging.