Maven Plugin


Baratine maven archetype and plugin make working on Baratine projects easy.

Maven Baratine Archetype

The archetype provides a starting point for a Baratine Project.

It generates correct directory layout, sets up a pom file with Baratine and JUnit dependencies. The archetype will also create a sample service and a JUnit test which can further be customized.

Documentation for archetype can be found at Baratine Maven Archetype.

Command below provides a quick way to create a MyApp project in the package org.acme:

$ mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=io.baratine -DarchetypeArtifactId=baratine-maven-archetype -DgroupId=org.acme -DartifactId=MyApp -DarchetypeVersion=0.10.2 -DinteractiveMode=false

Maven Baratine Plugin

The plugin provides support for building Baratine Application archive.

Documentation for the plugin can be found at Baratine Maven Plugin.

If the project is generated using the Archetype all the required dependencies will automatically be included in pom.xml.

For manual configuration using pom.xml provided with the Archetype makes for a good start.